Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 10:00 am

This year we’ll be running apart, but making a difference together!

On the race day you can run/walk from wherever you want!

Cross the line is a family friendly and well supported 5k charity walk/run. Every year we run as a local community to raise funds for the best humanitarian causes we can find.

The Cause (2020)

ERDO (add logo) is a trusted partner of Cross the Line and they work to bring clean water to people in need. This year we will support water and sanitation efforts in Honduras to help healthier living for children and families.

Cross the Line 2020 supports: 

  • $250 will provide a bio-sand filter and health training to one family

  • $2,800 will provide a filtration system for one school 

Bio-Sand Filters in Honduras

This bio-sand filter design is a plastic container with layers of sand and gravel that cleverly filters out impurities, providing fresh clean drinking water for children. Both water and sanitation are essential for child health so we’re really excited about bringing this simple technology to help families in Honduras.

Socialize Our Run

Follow, share, like, retweet and engage with us using #CrossTheLineRun to be a part spreading awareness and encourage participation.

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2020 Event Sponsor

Thanks to Our Sponsors!
Our sponsors help us to have registration fees and donations go directly towards supporting our cause!
Check them out and feel free to thank them for their participation.